The Company “ICIRA-PLAST” LTD manufactures various types of doors and windows as well as other assemblies that are connected to them in order to increase the comfort and safety of our customers. We are continually searching for new products that, thanks to their quality, satisfy a growing number of customers.

We offer you aluminum and PVC constructions (including facades), windows and doors from Vivaplast, Extruplast and Salamander profiles with 3, 4, 5 and 6 rooms.

We offer specialized consultancy, transport and installation for the entire range of products throughout the Republic of Moldova. Our customers always remain satisfied!

If you choose us and our products you have the following guaranteed benefits:

  • he best correlation between price and quality
  • Free in-home consultation with one of our specialists
  • Free design services
  • The most diverse range of products and colors
  • We use only class A profile, 100% ecologically with chemical composition based on CaZn, no Lead (Pb)
  • Free transport, disassembly and installation
  • 10 year warranty and tehnical support
  • We use the most ergonomomic and durable opening and closing systems
  • We set an attractive price for quality and competition, accessible to everyone

Our products are of the highest quality!

The administrator of “ICIRA-PLAST” LTD – Sergiu Poiată
Administrator: Sergiu Poiată