How to choose good uPVC windows and doors

When you plan to buy uPVC window, there are a few important points you should consider carefully before making a decision.
Selection of a right uPVC Profile plays a major role. We must consider the design of the profile but, most importantly, we need to understand the way it is manufactured and fitted. Good quality hinges and locks, well engineered reinforcement used where necessary and the right screws in the right places, and the precise measurement of the window are the factors that play equally important part. How good the window looks and performs when fitted, depends on being fitted squarely with the right fixings and then sealed properly.

Attributes of good uPVC windows
• Good quality profiles meet an international standard and are strictly inspected and go through various tests to ensure a quality which is acceptable around the world.
• The profile produced in Europe must not contain lead (which is toxic) as it is prohibited by EU, while profiles produced in India are not subjected to EU norms. So, in India, uPVC profiles are often contaminated with hazardous substance like lead. Majority of uPVC profiles don’t meet the standard, however, India’s leading uPVC brand like ENCRAFT is an exception.
• Premium uPVC manufacturer uses a formulation that meets the weather conditions in India. The right levels of all components are critical. “Titanium dioxide” provides the UV stability and therefore colourfastness for the white profile. This compound protects windows and doors from discoloring. Titanium has a very high price. Premium uPVC window producers use the right amount of Titanium, that’s why premium uPVC windows are priced high.
• The complete manufacturing process of profiles produced by ENCRAFT is controlled by established process control. Therefore, the proportion of formulation in all profile will have the same standard.
• Source of origin is a major cause for price variation of uPVC window and door profiles. ENCRAFT Profiles are produced in India and tested for the varied climatic conditions of the region for best performance, whereas some profiles that are imported are using compound that is suitable for the country they come from. It is advisable to ask the fabricator where the profiles are originally produced and if the product has been tested for Indian climatic conditions.

Window and door System
• All structure of uPVC system such as reinforcement, hardware, and accessories, are very important to extend the lifespan of uPVC window and door because they increase strength and durability.
• The system is designed to work as a whole and the windows should be well equipped with the correct reinforcement, mullion strengtheners and accessories, especially locking system.
• In case you have special need, for example, folding door, lift and slide door, or Tilt and Slide doors, you should check if the uPVC system can provide your special requirement and if it is the correct system.

Warranty and Certificate

Leading uPVC manufacturer will be able to provide the guarantee on uPVC profile for at least 10 years. By the way, you should consider the following points also:
• Do they have any reference institution to certify? Are those institutions acceptable?
• In case the uPVC manufacturer have started their business just a few years before, how can these profiles and their claims be verified?
• If the fabricator uses high quality material, they will be able to show certificates from various institutions to assure that their uPVC profiles are tested to international standards and can therefore provide water resistance, sound reduction, dust proofing, high security, energy saving, and etc.
• Therefore, in order to get good uPVC for your window and doors, it is recommended to deal with renowned uPVC manufacturers.

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